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On the Cutting Table (an artist’s guide), Part 2

On the Cutting Table (an artist’s guide), Part 2

Welcome to the Klein Imaging news blog, where the team will be publishing articles and product news, exhibition announcements and reviews, information about the art market and printing industry, customer case studies, and tips for artist career development.

In these ‘On the Cutting Table’ posts, artist development takes centre stage. As we launch ourselves into a new year, we’re constantly being contacted by aspiring artists who want to get their work produced and put out into the art market. There’s a lot to consider, but we prefer to think about it as a whole host of opportunities out there if you’re willing to put the time and energy into promoting yourself and your work. This 5 part series will be looking at building an audience and career path as an artist.

Part 2 – Network, Network, Network.

Nobody cares that you haven’t finished that Netflix series, it will always be there tomorrow. Make time to socialise with your creative peers and attend that private view across town. Signing yourself up to follow the social media profiles of some of your local galleries is the best way to be kept abreast of new openings which are usually free to attend.

When you want to understand what’s going on in your local art scene, you have to get out and get your face seen, over and over again. Tell people what you have planned and what your latest project is about. Best case scenario they give you feedback and tell others what your working on. Building your own network this way will give you a sounding board for what else is out there, and how well your work is likely to be received when it lands. Having an audience who is eagerly anticipating your new work is just as important as making the work if you are trying to create an artist profile. At Klein Imaging we speak to every customer who comes through our doors to find out what they’re working on next, who they are showing with, and how we can possibly help spread the word (fyi sending us details of your next exhibition wouldn’t hurt – we may include it on our social media posts too, or via our sister site ManchesterArtPrints.com).

Finding events, talks, private views or workshops in your town is one of the best ways to find out who you need to know. Show interest in others and engage in conversation to let people know what you’re about.

Now don’t go mad and take your A1 portfolio with you! Have a well designed business card with your name and links to your website and social media. Also have your elevator pitch ready, clear and to the point – who you are and what you do – in just a few sentences. Your experience and skills are the most important thing that people need to know, it doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate or well into your fifties.

A lot of it is down to who you know. Yes I said it. When you accept this, you can get connected and reach out to other creatives that aren’t just in your field of work. Ask for their perspective, drop them a line and see if they would like a coffee. You will be surprised how many established artists are willing to meet up and meet a new face.

Part 3 – Create an Audience is to be continued next week…

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