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KI Lecture at Blackpool College Industry Week

KI Lecture at Blackpool College Industry Week

On Monday 6th of March we took part in Blackpool & Fylde College’s Industry week. The event was a full week of presentations for university students, involving keynote speakers, portfolio workshops, seminars and lectures. Team member Joseph Pegler presented a 45min talk to a room of students about ‘Advice on Professional Development’. Here are 10 of his top tips on how to move forward professionally and work more clearly:


Blackpool and the Fylde College1. Visualise your dream
 – Aim high and dream big.

2. Have a Plan of Action 
- Lay out your path and learn what you have to know.

3. Challenge yourself
 – Take risks and push harder and longer than you have ever before.

4. Find a mentor 
- Get honest advice from the people who live it.

5. Be organised 
- Organisation is discipline. Just like university, create your own deadlines for professional development, and keep to them.

6. Know your Goals
 – Understand the little jobs and have achievable goals. Celebrate when your meet milestones.

7. Sell yourself 
- Be confident and sell your idea to other like minded people, investors, clients, customers. 
The best way to do this is to network, attend shows, meet up with people and always keep your ear to the ground.

8. Review your plan …Life Check! After a while, check what you have done to help you reach your dream. Use this time to reflect and change things that aren’t working.

9. Enjoy what you do 
- the big steps, the little moments, and also the failures. Don’t dwell on things that went wrong – onwards and upwards.

10. Believe 
- Self-belief in business and in life is crucial for survival.

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