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Bespoke picture framing

Bespoke Framing

for exhibitions, art sales and showcases

Hand-sourced materials and almost unlimited options give us the flexibility to design and build frames from the ground up. We encourage our customers to develop a signature style that allows them to stand out from the crowd, and best showcase their artwork.

Klein Imaging frames have been exhibited at

Unlimited framing options

We don’t work with any one supplier, and can get hold of samples from an enormous range of framing styles, to help develop a unique frame for your work, edition, or exhibition.

Natural wood finishes, cast aluminium, copper and custom paint spraying can make your frame stand out from anything else commercially available.

Bearded Brutes, Mark Leeming, Klein Imaging

How a Klein Imaging frame is constructed

Wooden framing profile

Hand-Sourced Materials

We don’t use any off-the-shelf components in our frames. Instead, each frame is developed in conversation with the artist or gallery to develop a signature style that showcases the artwork in its best available light.

Ash profile underpinning Klein Imaging

Gluing & Pinning

All wooden frames are both glued and underpinned to ensure extra stability. We also use frame straps and cross-braces to add strength, and safety, to oversized frames with large glass panels.

Corner filling on picture frames

Closed Corners

A frame is nothing without its corners, and we ensure that every frame is finished with the tidiest corners available, matching the profile to the best fillers to make (almost!) seamless joins.

Wooden framing hand finishing at Klein Imaging

Custom Finishes

Hand finishing a frame means you can choose from a wide range of waxes, varnishes and coatings to add depth, colour and contrast to your frame. Bespoke spray painting can take the customisation of your frame to the next level.

TruVue Anti Reflective glass

Reflection-Free Glass by TruVue

This is our new standard in glazing – its anti-reflective coating virtually eliminates reflections, so that you can fully appreciate the finer details of the artwork. Framing examples featuring TruVue glass are available in our showroom.

Conservation grade and museum glass is also available, with unmatched clarity and uncompromised protection, filtering out up to 99% of UV rays, with optimal light transmission producing brighter colours.

Features & Applications
  • Virtually eliminates reflections
  • Filters up to 78% of UV rays
  • Light transmission brighten colors and contrast levels
  • Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning
  • Proprietary coating is engineered for permanence.